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Streep’s hypocrasyReply to the page 11 article, “Response over-rated” Mercury, Wednesday January 11, 2016.
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The only standards the left have is “double standards” and prominant Hillary cry baby, Meryl Streep proves it.

At the 2003 Oscars, Streep lead a standing ovation for convicted child rapist Roman Polanski.

The hypocrisy of an abortion supporting celebrity lecturing us on respect for those who are disabled, while at the same time given an awarded by Barrack Obama for her pro-abortion activism.

Meryl Streep whines about empathy and lacks any for those she denigrates.

Adrian Devlin, Fairy Meadow

Innocent targets?Come on Adrian. You make it sound like there are thousands of full-time, violent motorcycle gang members fighting in the middle east getting disability pensions.

I would suggest there are fewer than you think. True, there are any number of disreputable people who rort the system for their own advantage. At the moment we are seeing some of our parliamentarians facing scrutiny over their abuse of entitlements.

The banks are also under the microscope for the dodgy way they treat their customers, and major corporations do their best to avoid paying taxes. I’m very much a luddite when it comes to technology, and I really don’t know what an algorithm is, but many who are critical of the way the government is handling the situation at the moment say the problem is that their algorithm has some problems.

If this is the case, then it might just be that innocent people are being unjustly targeted.

Rather than attacking people getting the pension, I would rather they go after the corporations, negative gearers and the wealthy who have overseas bank accounts and trust funds that they hide their money away in.

William Bielefeldt, Kembla Grange

Tighten your beltsIt is a bloody disgrace. Superimposed over the Susan Ley travel fiasco we now learn about Julie Bishop’s recent travel faux pas to a champagne sipping, Polo match and claiming, when caught ‘red handed’, that she’s on parliamentary business.

Parliamentary business you might be on Julie, but oh the rancid perception about ‘the age of entitlement’ only applying to you and your ubiquitous colleagues, but not to the broader tax payer public.

There is also recent anecdotal evidence (Tony Burke) to confirm Labor is also not quarantined from ‘dipping their snouts in the public trough’. Members and senators, in general, and the government, in particular, need to start leading by example by demonstrating that they are also feeling the economic ‘belt tightening’ pain.

A good start will be to scrap parliamentary travel expenses. In lieu, they can pay for their own travel, business or otherwise, out of a ‘to be determined’ flat pay increase.

DJ Preece, Balgownie

Ignoring the issues?Adrian Devlin demands the ABC be privatised and lists his issues why.Foremost is climate change. He denies the world is warming and has welcomed the most dangerous denier of them all, Donald Trump.He refuses to acknowledge that over 80 percent support same sex marriage and he opposes those schools that want even to discuss same sex.

He aligns himself with the dogmatist ideologue Senator Cory Bernardi who says same-sex leads to bestiality. He blames the ABC for “prosecuting Cardinal Pell”. An assertion that ignores that it is the judicial system that is investigating the abuse of minors in the church – that it existed in a Catholic diocese where Pell was bishop. He blames the ABC for “promoting illegal immigration”.

Ignoring the fact the imprisonment of refugees on Manus and Naru is being widely condemned. He conveniently ignores the key issue. That the privatisation of the ABC would eliminate an independent voice.

Reg Wilding, Corrimal

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